"The glamorous and hyper-articulate Ms. Silber..."

— The New York Times

“Alexandra Silber and her gorgeous soprano...” — The New York Times

“Gifted storyteller, brilliant thinker, accomplished actor: Alexandra Silber is a consummate artist with a luminous voice on stage and page. A veteran of Broadway and the West End, Silber boasts an impressive resume that has enabled her to get to know a host of dynamic, singular characters. But Silber hasn’t been contented with just acting out other people’s stories―she has chosen to write her own stories, too. From Broadway to bookstores, Silber is at home wherever she gets to tell a good story.” — Pop Culturalist

"The fastest-rising soprano in musical theatre...the firestarter for getting the Broadway world re-acquainted with its 'legit sound' -- the same crystal clear, open voice that Leonard Bernstein would have heard in his first 'Maria..." — The Huffington Post