Class: The Art of Being

The Art of Being — The Basics Re-imagined

If singers have scales, and dancers have barre class—what do actors have to exercise their muscles, and return to the art of simply being?

Welcome to The Art of Being — where professional actors return the very basics, only to have them exploded and illuminated.

Twelve intense hours over two days of exercises, these skills and creative tools will get you thinking about your art form, your concept of expression and your Self, in totally new ways.

Before classes begin, you will be sent readings and at-home work that will jump-start your self-knowledge and creative-mind, putting you in the ideal mindset to hit the ground running once you enter the classroom.

The class takes on a “yoga class” format— each student will be on their own “mat” experiencing insight in their own mental and physical space, at their own level of development. In this structure, the exercises meet you where you currently are in your journey, and your growth is entirely up to how far you are willing to go. Discussion takes place in a small group setting, but every student has an individual growth journey—from keen novice to professional actor.

Day 1. How to be a Person.

The first six hours focuses on the only “clay” we have as an actor—ourselves. The more thoroughly we explore our natures, realities, and mythologies the more we can bring to the characters we portray.

Day 2. How to be a Person on Stage.

The second day will be a practical application of the previous day’s exercises to theatrical scenarios and characters. Expanding the concept of personal expression we’ll marry personal narrative with text, always focusing on the terrifying simplicity of silence and “taking up space.”

It takes courage to be a beginner, and even more to begin again.


* $525

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* Space is limited

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